Matthieu Mendola

We use Blender for of broadcast vfx and short animations (music videos and corporate animations).
We are thrilled with its simplicity of use and its power, which allows you to manage all aspects of the 3D world, from the large community that allows a very fast learning curve, and the ability to choose between eevee with quick but excellent renderings, and cycles longer but perfect for photorealism. Also great is the constant update that constantly improves the program with incredible new features
Surely the extra weapons are the add on such as Extreme PBR and Hdri Maker, which allow you to arrive at results of strong impact with extreme simplicity and reduced budged, in perfect blender philosophy

it’s great to be able to get to great 3D results with low spending and pc with “only” a gtx 1070…we are in the democracy of the 3D