Extreme Addons is a site that was born after 2 years from the beginning of our production of Addons For Blender.
It arises from the need to interconnect our addons with a tailor-made platform to keep in touch with our users.
Our platform is interconnected with BlenderMarket and Gumroad, so this allows our users who purchase on these platforms to have access to the contents of the addons (Libraries and more) directly from the addon itself.

You can safely buy our products on BlenderMarket or Gumroad, after which, you can register them for free on Extreme-Addons, this allows you to have access to exclusive contents.

The easiest example is this: The Extreme PBR product has a library of about 200GiB, this product is really Great, our service allows you to hook Extreme PBR to the large repository and get the libraries directly in the addon. This is essentially the reason why the service was born.

Absolutely not, if you have already purchased on Blendermarket, or GumRoad, our service recognizes that you have already purchased. So you will only have to provide the Purchase data when you register a product on Extreme-Addons.

You will need to create an account here on Extreme-Addons, then follow this easy installation guide: https://docs.extreme-addons.com/manual/extremeaddonsmanual/