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About Extreme Addons

Extreme-Addons was born in response to the invaluable feedback and requirements of our user community, whose unwavering support has fueled our growth over the past four years. Throughout this journey, we have remained tirelessly committed to crafting tools that streamline workflows in the intricate realm of 3D. Understanding the challenges within this domain, we have meticulously developed sophisticated yet user-friendly addons. Our offerings cater to both amateurs and professionals alike.

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Take a look at our merchandising, with the help of SpreadShop we have developed some really nice products, take a look for yourself.

What we do

We are a small team, focused on producing useful tools to speed up production times

  • Listen to useful tips from users;
  • Grow together with our users.;
  • Satisfy customers with very useful tools.



may help you with
any questions.


We are building documentation
for our products every day.

Only for commercial inquiries, contact us by email at: info@extreme-addons.com
For everything else you can contact us via chat (Bottom right)

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