Bmesh Clean

  • Clean the models
  • Easy to use
  • Storable presets

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What is Bmesh clean?

Did you import models from software like Sketchup or others?

Would you like to clean them a little from all the useless edges, faces, vertices?

A very used little software

Are you tired of continuing to press:

  1. Spacebar -> Limited Dissolve
  2. Spacebar -> Tris to quad
  3. Spacebar -> Triangulate
  4. Spacebar / Shift-N -> Recalculate Normals (Flip Normals)
  5. Spacebar -> Delete Loose
  6. Spacebar -> Remove Doubles (News 2.8: renamed to “merge by distance”)
  7. Spacebar -> Shade Smooth + auto smooth angle

Blender 2.9+

To continue using blender 2.79 if you have version 2.8 installed, we suggest you to download the portable version of blender 2.79, the installation is not necessary just download the “.zip” file, uncompress it, without installation you can still use blender 2.79. The download is at this link: 

Example on multiple objects (Red are backface) remove loose, remove double , limited dissolve and orient faces in the right direction:

Example on multiple object with shade smooth + auto smooth angle



Save preset example:

This addon allows you to control all these parameters in just one click, lets you save your preset on your computer, and above all is always ready to use

 Allowing you to apply all these parameters with just one click

  • Example with a model imported from Sketchup:

It was created to interact on multiple selected objects, uses the “bmesh” methods which is currently the method that makes these operations very fast, forgotten every time you have to re-set parameters manually, just save them in a new preset!

Hey, don’t worry I’m well trained and I’m here to help you

If you have a problem and have read the instructions correctly, but cannot resolve, contact us via bug report or write us, if you have any suggestions, they are always welcome! Customer support is important!

Absolutely yes, this allows us to always have our users happy with this. Of course, charging twice would be more profitable, but we prefer to keep our customers rather than lose them along the way. This is our choice.