HDRi Maker

  • 400 HDRIs
  • Background Projection
  • Ground Deformation
  • Eevee Shadow Catchers
  • Animated Fog

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HDRi Maker is a powerful add-on created to be simple and fast

Keyword = Speed!   

Almost 400 included ready to use

See what you can do:

All the backgrounds you see are included in the addon!

Finally full immersion in an HDRi environment

With 1 click, you can create animated fog:

You can add the backgound material to any object: 

in this example I use an object created with “A.N.T.Landscape” already present in the addons of your Blender

Now it’s easy to create videos inside your dome

This example was rendered in Eevee, about 1 second per frame with an 8k background on a GTX1080TI.

More freedom of video with the camera

Note: Not all backgrounds will be perfect for this type of animation (Although all image based backgrounds can be used for this purpose)

All backgrounds with open panoramas are very good for this purpose

Have you ever thought of animating a vehicle inside an HDRI without inserting any other 3D model? Now it’s simple:

This background is already included in HDRi Maker

It’s all ready to use just install it.

Almost 400 Backgrounds at 360° Ready to use, under cc0 License

Do you want to dig into the projected ground? No problem

The new wrap button is designed to interact with the terrain (Water from Extreme PBR addon)

Trick the eye, This is only a car that travels on an HDRI “Photography”, the road you see is not infinite, but the trick is now easy:

If you are looking for good cars to animate here is a good link


Check out our Showreel

We have also revolutionized the shadow catcher system from the previous version, see for yourself the results of this work:

Shadow catcher with adjustable reflections, always available with any background (Also in all those you will create yourself)

You can control the colorization and the background blur

Alpha ready, directly in Eevee, but also in Cycles render:

We moved the controls directly into the panel, to easily switch to the transparent background:

Displacement catcher:

You can adjust the “Hardness” of the displacement, it’s all automated:

Water catcher:

Now there is also an option for animated water on the shadow catcher plan, it is simple and ready to use:

Save your background directly from the model, it only takes 2 clicks:

Now you can easily create a 360 degree background directly from your 3D model. This has now become a very easy operation:

Almost 400 HDR ready to use in 1/2/4/8k:

You can redesign the previews of your backgrounds saved in the “User category” section to improve your preview:

Very useful for creating realistic backgrounds for your models, with ultra realistic lighting, Here are some examples:

No light in the scene, just background and model with the blender 2.8x+ cycles engine

Tiger model by Quentin Le Duff on this link. License  CC BY 4.0

This model is rendered with eevee and with a bit of Bloom:

Even on interiors the light source is very realistic, in this example the lights in the scene are off, the only light source passes through the windows:

Archviz Interior Scene For Eevee & Cycles [Archviz 2.8 – Scene01] created by BD3D  Rendered in Cycles: sample 1024 + Denoise in Blender 2.8 1280×720

The hdr lighting really makes the difference

This background is already included in HDRi Maker

( Raptorex Maker Muscle System Rig 2.8 model by  Blender Pirate )

New interface:

This interface is designed to be simple and intuitive, we have changed the preview system, now they are very large and allow a good preview that immediately gives the idea of what background you are going to choose

23 categories for almost 400 backgrounds from hdrihaven, all carefully categorized:

See how an engineering scene can be quickly enriched:

Realtime with shadow catcher emulation in Blender 2.8x EEVEE engine:

Smart Management system:

If you are looking for a tool to create 360 background, without having to do anything but installing it, this is what you are looking for.

Follow our youtube channel, You’ll find tutorials that illustrate the add-on

See how the HDRi Projected works:

Playing with HDRi Maker 2.0:

New wrap tool:

Small tutorial series 2021

Want to Expand your HDRI Library?

Do you want to expand your HDRi Maker library? Here you can find 90+ additional backgrounds in EXR format (Compatible with HDRi Maker). Many are free under Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0) Remember to give credit to the author if you use them for your works


If you have any questions contact us, we are very happy to answer!  If you have a problem and have read the instructions correctly, but cannot resolve, write us, if you have any suggestions, they are always welcome! Customer support is important


We continue to improve the product with updates, serving consumers and professionals. We follow the requests with great care and take into consideration the useful advice from the very kind customers.
We are not kidding, customers are always very kind 💓, we believe that a happy customer is a treasure for us.
So we are constantly committed to development.

HDRi Maker is a very complete addon to make it easy to add 360 Degree Backgrounds, it makes the workflow very fast and it has a huge library ready to use.