Cyber Holograms Library

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  • Designed for Blender
  • Expansion library for Extreme PBR and Asset Browser
  • More than 20 animated holographic materials
  • Materials are all configurable
  • All materials are 100% procedural


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What is Cyber Holograms?

Cyber Holograms is a pack of Holographic materials available in 2 versions, One version for Extreme PBR Nexus, and one version for Asset Browser included in the same package
All materials are procedural, animatable, and work perfectly on Eevee and Cycles

Turn your models into holograms:

Cyber Holograms Materials:

All materials are procedurally animable and editable, They have been made to work well in both Eevee and Cycles! 

Gradient animations:

All materials in the Asset Browser version are also supplied with a gradient to perform an animation of sliding mixed material
If you use Cyber Holograms in Extreme PBR Nexus, this will be much easier:

Asset Browser Ready:

All the materials are ready also in the version for Blender Asset Browser. Complete with tags and categories:

Extreme PBR Nexus Expansion pack included:

This is very convenient for Extreme PBR Nexus owners (Version 4.0.200 and up). All materials are well organized in the Extreme PBR panel, they are easily editable thanks to a special handmade design of each layout.
Extreme PBR Nexus (Addon), is not included, but you can find it here: Extreme PBR Nexus (Link)

( Cyber Hologram also works without Extreme PBR )

Main difference between “Asset Browser” Version and “Extreme PBR Nexus” Expansion version:

In Extreme PBR Nexus, you will not need to enter the Node Shader Editor to edit Holograms, Here is an example of the difference of a Material handled by Extreme PBR Nexus and Blender’s Normal Shader editor:

Apply Cyber Holograms With Blender Asset Browser

Apply Hologram With Extreme PRB Nexus

Extreme PBR Nexus is sold separately. You can find it here: Extreme PBR Nexus

Example with Shader Overlay into Extreme PBR Nexus Addon:

In this example, I apply the Holographic material, via the Extreme PBR Nexus addon (Not included in Cyber Holograms)
Then you can mix the Base material, with the hologram you applied

Six hologram projector lights:

Included in the package are 6 different types of hologram light beams to simulate a projector. You can easily apply them to Cones or Cylinders objects to have the “Cone of Light” effect

Documentation and tutorials!

Here is the online Cyber Holograms documentation: DOCS

There are 26 materials, all editable. 20 are holograms and 6 light beams. All are editable, and animatable.

the Asset Browser version is compatible with blender from 3.0 and later, as the Asset Browser was introduced with the advent of Blender 3.0. If you mean the package version for Extreme PBR Nexus, it has no problems with Blender compatibility, just make sure you have the latest version of Extreme PBR

The materials were designed for Cycles and Eevee

No, the Extreme PBR addon is sold separately.